St. Louis Airport

A note I found in my passport. Possible research for a story I'm working on.


Sophie, Please Don't Go-phie

Because Sophie is leaving for Prague in a day we all gathered at Goldie's Italiano to cheers her "good-bye" (or in it's archaic form "God be with you").

After Goldie's closed us out, we headed to Alex V's front yard. (Yes, Alex happens to be in New York City.) Of course our random yard events are "High Society." Eric Denker, National Gallery of Art, senior lecturer, stopped by the yard for a beer and to help send off Sophie with an aire of sophistication.


Beltway Driver

I went to help Alex V
I drove his car and he drove a car
And we were going down the highway
It was the first time I'd driven in four years
And I don't have a license anymore
(I haven't had a license for nearly 4 years.)

And I remembered while we were driving how the highways were
-during rush hour
On the on-ramps more cars get on
-and it doesn't seem like any get off at the off-ramps
But I had a lot more patience this time
My first time driving in 4 years
-than I did before

When I get off the highway
We snake through a trail through the trees
-to the suburbs

Through Rock Creek Park and into town

Don Cabellero: Backstage Black Cat

"I came here to hear them, not you!"

"Oh, you can beat me up after the show then. I'll be outside."



In Accordance with Strict Naval Tradition

Know all ye by these presents: and to all flea-bitten, sand-blasted, sweat-soaked salts of the seven seas, greetings. Know ye that I will now be working part-time at the Marina maintaining a fleet of small craft. I'm hoping that the skills I pick up on the Potomac might translate very soon to skills of great value, if I am ever lucky enough to patrol the Euphrates with the Marines of the Haditha Dam Security Force. (And when I went to the marina for the interviewed it felt good to be rocking on a boat again.)

Danielle Steel(e) Society of Advanced Poetics: Meeting Night


Sitting Through Rush Hour Traffic

I rode out to Guitar Center with Alex V and Cool Bill C. Us not being used to driving out of the city much, totally miss timed the trip and left during rush hour. It reminded me of my childhood in Southern California, most of which was spent on the freeway in the passenger seat of my mom's Nissan Pulsar.


I went to Bill Newman's house and remembered ...

I never really left the house
so I never got a chance to tell
anyone how I smashed this
with a small telephone book
and after a direct hit on
my window
I looked at the book and
there were small maggots

in the guts
they were moving around
and I looked up at the window
where the fly's body was
and they were moving around
there too
I threw the phone book in the
and sprayed it with Lysol
kitchen disinfectant
and sprayed the window too

it reminded me of a time
down by the creek I was
looking at a road-killed possum
and discovered it had little
baby possums nursing off
its dead body
I walked to the house
borrowed my dad's truck
and ran them over

the fly is still stuck to my window


We The People ...

On Independence Day, We curse the British and bring couches into the lawn.

We cursed the rain and moved our couches back inside.

We bless the day that gives us such beautiful light.

We eat meat in the yard. (Those who do not eat meat disguise their vegetables as meat.)

We play the keyboard from street to grimy street.

We practice the freedom to recycle beer bottles in our own front yards.

As the sun sets over the Capital of the Free World, the planning of the next revolution starts.

. . .

Independence Day After-Party

Alex V drives out to Virginia to jam with the band.

The band houses a great fog machine.

Rock on.