A Cook(in)out Too Far

After we had four smoothies a piece, made w/ my new 58oz., 525watt blender, Booley and I walked to a cookout that some of my other friends had going. We didn't plan our trip there very well (I blame it all on Booley), and ended up going a couple miles out of our way in flip-flops. When we got there we drank lots of water, ate bratwursts (I grabbed the last burger), and had some root beer floats. Charley was 'down' b/c his girlfriend of 7 or-so years (not years old, although he is only 22, so they had been seeing each other since they were about 7 years old), broke up with him. It really helped me b/c I have recently been whining about a similar thing. And, with my pseudo-Catholic Guilt- it was like penance!