Doorway Ducking Diadem

Henrik is a photojournalism professor at the Corcoran College. Here he tries his best to to clear a "low" eight-foot doorway with a distinguishing balloon hat made for him by one of his students and my classmate, Arianne. Yes she has balloon skills. Tonight we had our 2nd Year Photojournalism Show in the Corcoran's White Walls Gallery. I showed up after all the fried chicken and cornbread was devoured. The show was still loads of fun. I kept thinking I was going to end up at the Senior Fine Arts opening up stairs but I never quite made it. When I arrived the show was slow, the pace steadily picked up as the night went on. I was glad to see my new "internet friends" Ari and Donovan at the show. I was also grateful for the critics and complements from well known visiting photographers, professors, strangers, as well as my friends and neighbors.

Academic Dean Sanctifies Alcohol at Opening

This is John the Dean of Academics "okaying" our beer at the opening tonight. Since not much of the Sophmore Class is "of age" those of us who were legal had to get special permission to drink alcohol during the opening. It wasn't too much of a hassle ... plus it's nice to feel special.