Labor Day Holiday: Day 1

Today I decided to go against my strong feeling to by a small motorbike, and I bought a small truck instead. It is awesome. Fun to drive. Ugly. Sporty? My first drive was up Interstate 95 to Waterville to look at a Kennebec dinosaur (an old factory along the Kennebec River). Today is also the first day of my 5-day Labor Day vacation. I asked if I could work any of the days I was scheduled off, but the KJ doesn't like to give over-time hours unless it's necessary. This will be my first Labor Day as part of a union, Communication Workers of America, District 1, Local 643. It's kind of like my first Veterans' Day as a veteran, My first Valentine's Day as a valentine, my first Canadian Boxing Day as a Canadian boxer.
(It was only a month ago today I came to Augusta for an interview.)

Walking in Augusta

Here are some pictures I took while walking to work. I have worked 9 days straight. Last night I got a beer on the walk home and sat on the porch and drank it at 1am, before I went to sleep. I watched a van hit a telephone pole and just drive away, while right next to a police car cruising in the opposite direction. The cops had trouble finding them ironically. They went the entire way around the block, and it took some drunken dude from the Edwards House Inn to run out in the middle of the street and whistle at the sheriff to point out where the guy had parked and turned his lights off. I saw the driver come up from the parking lot behind the Edwards House Inn and run into the housing across the street. I could see a man in a wheelchair getting out of the sliding door of the pulled-over vehicle. I heard a girl from the van call his name. "Chris!" or something? Then I finished my beer and went to bed.