Day Off, Augusta Maine

1. Cooked rice.

2. Talked on Phone.
I was talking on the phone to my good friend Jabari. I was telling him about the unique lobsterman/agricultural/tree- and Wal-Mart-filled culture of Maine. Then I told Jabari about his own background. He has a great African-American background. He spent part of his childhood in Africa. He grew up in D.C. His parents live in Chicago. He now lives and goes to grad school in Manhattan. All places noted for their strong African-American Heritage (especially Africa). A perfect example of African-American culture.
I told him I am like the "Karate Kid" of culture. My mom, a single parent, drove us to Southern California to start a new life in the early 80s.
"But you never met Mr. Miyagi," Jabari said.
I took karate in the park. Is Miyagi that huge of a difference?