Merry Mei Wah Christmas

Man, we're seated outside the tower wall
waiting for anygood time to make our move
storming the ancient doors with burning pots of oil
driving other customers away and eating food w/ spears

But before our wait turns into war
they ready our table for three (... for four)
and to praise the christian son of man
a friend orders up some kung pao lamb

Mean Street, USA

(On Christmas morning thinking of
the Toughest Streets in America)

A man approaches on a rainy night
w/ a knife and asks
"would you like to fight for your life?"

... And then the toughest streets in Baghdad
Where if youre an American a knife is nice

Christmas Coffee

Coffee Christmas Morning
did you ever have Turkish Coffee
moving a cheese grater
reveals 2 turkish coffee cups
"of course, in this house we enjoy
the finer things of the world."
sitting in towers
tower-top seating
in minaret cafes
drinking cafe touba w/ Allah

Siblings Visit

... i'm not one of them. or maybe I am.

The Life of BrianTriptych

By coincidence, on Christmas, I borrow and watch Monty Python's Life of Brian.