Unidentified Flying Ornaments

These are some ornaments I photographed on a walk back from one of my nightly trips to 7-eleven. I might not agree with the discusting acts of man, as far as the dirty-handed deeds of colonialism, but every once in a while the convenience of 7-eleven makes me second guess that. I mean it's cool to live in an age of Economic Imperialism when you can get a McFalafel at the Mickey-D's in Alexandria, Egypt (better than their hamburgers).

[Yesterday I decided to stay home and start writing a paper on Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. So I ordered a pizza. In the morning, when I woke up I still hadn't written a word. I ate pizza and wrote all day until my class. Because it was the last class of the semester our professor, Bernard, ordered pizza. Of course I ate a couple slices, free pizza. It was going-away pizza, a ritual event I take part in. I can't wait to see my family all together at Christmas, something that is unfortunately not a ritual to me.]