Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

According to this man his name is both Mervin and Kenny. He was soliciting money for alcohol outside a liquor store on 17th St. NW by claiming he was collecting donations to keep his shelter on Meridian Hill open. The fliers were handed out to the homeless community in hopes that they will show up Monday in Franklin Park (13th and K St.s NW) at 9am to march to the mayor's office (13th and Penn Ave NW). They have a free breakfast incentive. That flier was responsable for at least two beers and a handfull of Black and Mild cigars in the time I stood there.

Nice Day For a Bike Ride

A bike cop riding past the Renwick Gallery on 17th St NW.

Ray the bike messanger on 17th St NW, but you can see him anywhere in town.

A strange pan on a night rider.