CyberSTOP Table Nazi

At the CyberSTOP Cafe in beautiful Washington, D.C., a woman known only as "Table Nazi" hoards two tables forcing strangers to sit with each other.

Help Rachel Start Her Modeling Career!

Here are some stalker-esque photos of Rachel. I think they are fitting to help her begin the celebrity life of a super model. Taken from the pages of tomorrow's tabloids!
Vote for her to be a Levi's Model.
1) go to StyleSearch.Levi.com
2)go to "Photo Gallery"
3)type name: "Rachel" college: "Corcoran College of Art and Design"

Vinny's Roof-Top (Tiki?)

Went to Vinny's, I imagine it may be one of his last roof parties of the season. (L to R, T to B) 1) Going up three floors of spiral stairs to the roof. 2) Vinny and his girlfriend. Crap! I forget her name. 3) Up Connecticut Avenue from the roof. 4) The roof is packed ... 5) ... Yet there is enough room for Alex V. and A.J. to chill. 6) Even the bathroom is fancy and makes me feel special.

Final Temporary Move

Finally got all my stuff out of my old apartment and into either my storage unit in McLean or my new temp room at 16th and T Streets NW. (L to R, T to B) 1) The Magic Bus. 2) Special thanks to all my friends who helped me move, including Andrew Mokey (excluding Alex V). 3) Looking into the storage unit, I remember Casey Smith once question, "Isn't it sad how we accumulate stuff over our lifetime?" 4) My future "gated community." 5) Maris, I put some gas in your explorer. Sorry I didn't fill it up. 6) My empty apartment. Bye. 7) I now live up two flights of stairs. 8) And have roommates that shave with mashed potatoes. (Damn tasty mashed potatoes.)