Breakfast at Lunch

My mom likes to go to Perkins Restuarant to eat. In some way Perkins reminds me of a time before I can remember. They used to have a lot of them in Western Pennsylvania where my family is from. My mom says sometimes here boyfriend complains before they enter Perkins that it's "just a bunch of old people." She reminds him that they're the same age as the other patrons.

First Day of School

Today was my nieces first day of college. As she was getting ready to leave I said, "Good luck on your first day of college." "It's only for an hour," she said, reminding me she also had a job interview. But it's the first of many many hours I explained, and wished her good luck with the job interview too. "History in the making!" I yelled. She drove by putting on her sunglasses, trying to ignore me.