Chizzle Wizzle

Betty and Glenn Adams (writers for the Kennebec Journal and AP respectively) invited me to the 117th Chizzle Wizzle, at Cony High School. Chizzle Wizzle is the undisputed oldest continuous high school production in the United States.

The performances at Chizzle Wizzle were very impressive. I wasn't expecting such an entertaining event.

I had never been to a Chizzle Wizzle before, unlike those for whom this is a yearly event of life. But I was thinking, "this might be the best Chizzle Wizzle ever, dude." And after the show it seemed that was the consensus from everyone.

To Belfast Maine

Partly sunny

Lobster trap

America's Oldest Shoe Store

Architect Larason Guthrie stands by a wall installation of an organically influenced house that he built in Thorndike Maine. He was part of a group show at Aarhus Gallery in Belfast Maine. My friend Donna gave me a ride out to Belfast Maine to see the Architectura show which I had a few photo collages/montages in.
Belfast is a nice little town -now. They say it was smelly and tattered not many years ago.

Vaughn Woods

My neighbor Donna took me to the Vaughn Woods in Hallowell Maine. It's kind of cool there. Snowy.