Augusta: Day, Night

After being around a lot of people and then moving to a rural area, I am beginning to realize what a lot of people already know. I was thinking, back in DC and elsewhere populated, I had become a little piece of everyone I knew, everyone I hung out with. It is like here, rural here, you begin to see who yourself is. I have been thinking lately, "Man, I'm a jerk!" But then I realized it's not me at all, it's just my old friends.

This morning my truck came in handy for going to the laundromat. Saved time. Should have walked. Drove. Took years of my life. Have clean clothes.

Last night there was a racket up on the 3rd floor of the Edward's House Inn. I called Larry, the landlord, and said he might want to do something about the 3rd floor. It sounded like property was being damaged.
The cops and sheriff came about 20 minutes later. They were here for about 30 minutes and the noise stopped. There's a rumor floating around that when the cops came last night they took with them the mysterious 'Shower Crapper.'
To everyone's happiness the shower was clean this morning. I asked the Carla at the front desk, she said the police had come to the wrong address.