Found on Lamont Street

I found a Nestles Crunch
Kevin found a Twisler
We ate them off Lamont Street

No time to hesitate
The dirt we didn't contemplate

The only thing we did was eat
A couple misplaced candies

Approaching the next intersection
(that might have been 18th Street)
I found another sweet confection
(it didn't look too dirty)
I sent it in the right direction
(it rolled cause it was round)
I put it in my gut collection
A fruit picked from the ground


So Raven

Tried to trick some lame-o friends into coming to the Raven for a drink by telling them each other was already there. Didn't work. Rafal, the 140lbs. Polish kid, did kick my ass at arm wrestling about 8 times in a row. We also found out you are free to arm wrestle at the Raven, but not at the Big Hunt.


Conn Ave Shopkeeping

Here are some Connecticut Ave Shopkeepers. I am also a shopkeeper. Shopkeepers repeat themselves a ridiculous amount of times a day. All shopkeepers do. Here is a list of things I repeat everyday, see if you like them:

Shopkeeping FAQs

Q. Are you the photographer?
A. No, my boss is.

Q. So, he just travels and takes pictures?
A. Yes. He's in Boston now.

Q. Are these digital?
A. They are digital prints made from scanned 35mm negatives

Q. How late are you open?
A. Til 9pm.

Q. What are your hours?
A. We're open til 9pm.

Q. Seven days a week?
A. Yes.
A. Stay warm.


Luna: Half-Price Pasta (Sun, Mon)

Cajun Chicken Fettucini Alfredo! Half-Price! You people are idiots!


Beer Run: Va.

Irish Jimmy gave me a ride out to pick up some beer in Virginia after alcohol sales had stopped in DC. It was the first time I have seen his new car, a Honda S2000. On the way there I looked over at the speedometer, 139mph.

Demon House Tonight: Day 3?

by the time you read this:

1.)Demon House: lobotomized by alcohol

2.)Marc: passed out next to partially inflated air mattress


Corcoran Faculty Show

Doug Lang & Casey Smith at the Corcoran
If you missed it, it was probably your own fault. I'll try to sum it up for you though with some notes I took from both readings which may or may not be words directly from the reading:

you are your father.

nothing is enough.

"if i don't hear from you,
call me."

(casey's reduction)

california economy
nobody sleeps
everybody gathers
jewish daycare
gameshow tax
pharmaceutical business
homeless coalition
first time doing mushrooms
roommates by horoscope
shape of ginseng root
we didn't state the free

horses, family, and friends friends friends

. . .

Vegetate Opening, 1414 9th St NW
it would have also been a good idea to go to Vegetate to see a show of awesome local photographers. including Ken Ashton.

Perpetual Pre-Gaming

Met Kevin at Goldie's Italiano before a couple openings. He will be shooting the World Series for UPI. WOOOO!! GO, ... who's in the World Series this year?

Demon House Night 01

To: the DEMON HOUSE, after the openings. More pictures in the morning, maybe. Great readings tonight by Lang & Smith at the Corcoran. Will update more soon. Improvements still underway.


Porch Sitting

It's a lot less complicated than house sitting, less responsibility than baby sitting.


4 a.m. Pizza

Manny n' Olga, your early morning pizza deliveries are like crack.


Science Club

Maris celebrates her birthday at the Science Club. Next year, the Sierra Club.


Backyard Coffee Roast

The freshest cup ever. As if Juan Valdez delivered it himself via pack mule.


My P.O. Box

Hello world, this is my P.O. Box.

I forwarded my address from my old:

2400 16th St NW Apt #614
Washington, D.C. 20009

to my new:

P.O. Box 73765
Washington, D.C. 20056

But, after two weeks have yet to receive any mail. I don't think this is because no one loves me. I receive about six magazines or so just from organizations. The woman at the post office, Mrs. Sparrow (a story book name), said she couldn't get ahold of anyone at the shipping office and to call her tomorrow. In the mean time, send me some mail to see if my post office box works. (Or to save me from the horror that maybe nobody does love me. [Please, don't send dog crap in a shoe box.])



It's been a long time since I've "got my war on," so I was glad when a friend mentioned it could be done locally at the Wooley Mammoth Theatre, 641 D Street NW.

What a great act! Hilarious. And only about $10. The show closes this Saturday! You should really see it. Yes you.

After the show Andrew Paliotto "gets our eat on."

Zorba's Cafe

I went to Zorba's Cafe with AJ a couple nights ago. I haven't had much time for hanging out lately.



I was listening to an interview with Edward Jones on the radio behind the cash register. He is the author of Lost In The City, All Aunt Hagar's Children, and won a Pulitzer for The Known World. He said some nice things. "If you write you are a writer, even if you are never published." And, "If you start to think too much of yourself, that's the beginning of the end." He made me glad the CD player is broke.


Finishing Up The Pitcher

A homeless lady who has been around 17th and G Streets NW for about a year, helped us finish the last of the beer at Goldie's Italiano. I like her but often ignore her because she wants me to buy her cigarettes. (She has the same birthday as me, Jan. 16.)

Goldie's Italiano

Goldie's Italiano;
1) Bernard Welt visits
2) Cubicle Warriors
3-4) Goldie's Patrons, looking for a "Corcoran Discount"
5) Phone Pitchers
6) Rachel leaves for class

Storage Trip

Andrew Bain gave me a ride out to McLean today to visit my storage unit. I put some stuff back, took some stuff with me.

Alliterate Posting

1) Kathleen
2) Car
3) Coldcut

Evidence of Andrew Paliotto

Where in the world is Andrew Pali-otto?


1) Sheena from 19th St is sending Arlo, her awesome Weaton puppy to be trained in Oklahoma.
2) Saw Holly and we all went to Zorba's to get cheap eats. Pizza slices and grape leaves.
3-5) Wind down at Alex V.'s

Triptych of Alex V., Any Given Night

On any given night you will find Alex V. doing all of the following;
1) Communicating extensively with a phone
2) Trying to keep his eyes opened
3) Air drumming

Anthony Radio

Anthony Radio (who sits next to the Baptist church Dumpster between 16th and 17th St.s NW) stops by the CyberSTOP patio to talk about his love of music.
"I just sit there and listen to my music. I just sit there. I don't bother anybody."
If you have any R&B or easy listening CDs you want to get rid of leave them for Anthony Radio by his Dumpster (near Johns Hopkins Mass. Ave. Campus). He doesn't like, "... music with swearing and cursing that bothers people."


CyberSTOP Table Nazi

At the CyberSTOP Cafe in beautiful Washington, D.C., a woman known only as "Table Nazi" hoards two tables forcing strangers to sit with each other.

Help Rachel Start Her Modeling Career!

Here are some stalker-esque photos of Rachel. I think they are fitting to help her begin the celebrity life of a super model. Taken from the pages of tomorrow's tabloids!
Vote for her to be a Levi's Model.
1) go to StyleSearch.Levi.com
2)go to "Photo Gallery"
3)type name: "Rachel" college: "Corcoran College of Art and Design"

Vinny's Roof-Top (Tiki?)

Went to Vinny's, I imagine it may be one of his last roof parties of the season. (L to R, T to B) 1) Going up three floors of spiral stairs to the roof. 2) Vinny and his girlfriend. Crap! I forget her name. 3) Up Connecticut Avenue from the roof. 4) The roof is packed ... 5) ... Yet there is enough room for Alex V. and A.J. to chill. 6) Even the bathroom is fancy and makes me feel special.

Final Temporary Move

Finally got all my stuff out of my old apartment and into either my storage unit in McLean or my new temp room at 16th and T Streets NW. (L to R, T to B) 1) The Magic Bus. 2) Special thanks to all my friends who helped me move, including Andrew Mokey (excluding Alex V). 3) Looking into the storage unit, I remember Casey Smith once question, "Isn't it sad how we accumulate stuff over our lifetime?" 4) My future "gated community." 5) Maris, I put some gas in your explorer. Sorry I didn't fill it up. 6) My empty apartment. Bye. 7) I now live up two flights of stairs. 8) And have roommates that shave with mashed potatoes. (Damn tasty mashed potatoes.)