Punta Gorda vs Hurricane Charley

This in Mr. Burton, resident of Punta Gorda, Fl. Despite the wreckage that lies on top of his car, he considers himself lucky ... to be alive. He parked his car away from his house like many others who expected high waters in their neighborhoods. What he didn't expect was the hotel he parked it next to, to topple over.


The window stickers of a Punta Gorda business were placed neatly on the sidewalk by Hurricane Charley.

No-Car Garage

A car sits on a hydraulic lift, apparently in the middle of an oil change, where there use to be an enclosed garage.

Climate-controlled Laundromat

Twenty-four hour laundry? The Laundry Depot in Punta Gorda is as opened as it ever was.

Beans, Bullets and Bandages

Taking a break at the Ice and Water Distribution Point, Spc. Steven Laney and PFC Bill Booher discuss the wreckage they have witnessed during the relief efforts in Punta Gorda. They and other members of the National Guard's 153rd Combat Engineers came to the rescue from Lake City, 200 miles north.