Getting a Ride

come on we can go to the Raven
the door sounds like squeaky bicycle brakes
cheap beer
you you
you you

Hobart Street

I went to a place that had people in the yard
people on the stoop
people in the basement and the kitchen drinking beer
there were people that i knew
and there were a lot of others too
but it really didn't matter,
maybe, did it ?
there were people that weren't there too
did that matter, maybe too
but the thing that doesn't matter is the thing you say
when you find out the keg has been drank away

Fri Nov 17

Hatnim denies marrying a girl in California
I receive another, yet, another good fortune from City Lights Take-Out
A man who enters the shop looking like Senator McCain asks
'how I'm doing'
His wife also has characteristics of John McCain
It is 7pm and I'm drinking a small coffee
listening to what my boss calls 'headbanger' music
(but it's actually more like pop rock)
when people aren't looking I evaporate