Self-Portrait; A Window

I tried to take a self-portrait in a window that was too busy. At night I created a looping Flash self-portrait with audio I captured at a past art opening.


Late in the Day in Augusta Maine

The Greyhound in Augusta Maine.

A blueberry cake in Maine in the middle of the night.

Someone keeps eating all the corn doughnuts before I get there.


Old Fort Western History

Old Fort Western's flag

Jenn DePalma and Brian O'Donoghue wrote Old Fort Western poems. It's like virtual cowboys and Indians, only the fort is real.
Or is it?


Old Fort Western Threat

Old Fort Western sent me a threatening email over a video I posted on YouTube. They want me to take down a video that I made that is obviously ridiculous; and keep in mind that all of the words and images are my own.
Am I still in America?!
This is absurd.
Here is the email:

Dear Mr. Corcoran:

Recently, browsing YouTube, we came across a very poor video of Old Fort Western. We did not give our permission for this to be posted to YouTube. Your information concerning the haunting of Old Fort Western by Benedict Arnold is completely untrue and we would appreciate the removal of this video. This video violates our policy of photography and videography for commercial/amusement purposes and you did not seek permissions from us to post this video. We would like this video removed from your personal website as well. I quote from the YouTube Terms of Use, "E. You agree to not engage in the use, copying, or distribution of any of the Content other than expressly permitted herein, including any use, copying, or distribution of User Submissions of third parties obtained through the Website for any commercial purposes." YouTube has been notified about the inappropriate use of this video and we have requested that they pull this video immediately. We hope that you will remove this material from your website at once.

Thank you.


.... ....
Old Fort Western
16 Cony Street
Augusta, ME 04330
(207) ...-....

Tall Green Landmark (that's not a pine tree)

I took some pictures of the Maine Capitol on my way back from the Maine State Library.

. . .

I thought this picture was humorous. I'm not really sure why.

Our Planet Aligns

At my neighbor's apartment people watched the eclipse.
I learned the definition of a "townie."


Atlantis Landing

I watched the shuttle land live, on the Internet.
Let me be the first to say, "Sweet Frickin' landing dudes."
Like the Atlantis crew, under Commander Frick, I was once under the command of a Frick, a Col. Frick, commander of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He didn't speak much but he seemed like a pretty good guy. Like Frick, Frick was also a Naval Aviator. NASA's Frick flew Navy jets. Col. Frick, the one I knew, flew Marine helicopters.
The two Fricks look similar, strong and short with small eyes.

Day Off Events

I found a great channel on the Internet, NASA TV. Really cool when they're on space missions, like now.

The Maine Capitol from the back of a cab.

Tuesday nights are trivia nights at the Liberal Cup.
It felt good to yell a little bit (although I don't think we were supposed to).
Yelling helps to break up the space between empty thoughts.


Internet TV

My pursuit of happiness has come down to having an internet connection. I found a cool streaming television website called Beeline TV.
I've been watching France24. Half of France24's programming is in English, half in Arabic, none in French(?).
Another good site portal for world television is wwiTV.


Pedestrian Maine

Here is a Maine hitchhiker. I've never tried hitchhiking yet.

My truck under snow.

My neighbor Donna was nice enough to asked me if I wanted a ride to the store. I took her picture by a curtain display.

Here is a sidewalk panorama on Western Avenue in Augusta Maine.

The dangers of Maine sidewalks.
Dear Family and Friends,
if I ever die walking to work sue Augusta Maine and get me a glow-in-the-dark gravestone.

. . . also

THE Front Page: A girl I went to school with, Susan Etheridge had a photo on the front page of The New York Times yesterday. That would be an awesome Valentine's Day memory.
One Valentine's Day I was sucker punched by a truck driver. That was sweet.


The Frozen Territory

I had to break through a layer of ice to press the crosswalk buttons on the way to work.

Matt the youngest and newest reporter for the Kennebec Journal looks out the newsroom window at the ice-covered outdoors. He has been writing all our weather stories.

Ice didn't stop Irving Gas Station from doing business.

An icy tree looks like a crystal ball.

Icy branches are dangerous. But not as dangerous as falling icy branches.

Icy power lines are dangerous. But not as dangerous as downed icy power lines.


Maine Driving Dynamics Class

Dynamic Driving Class, Augusta Technical Center, Augusta Maine
The instructor of a Maine Driving Dynamics Course given at the Augusta Technical Center refers to a power point chart displaying braking distances with the emphases on being able to stop for a moose. Could it be any worse than hitting a moose?
Anyone can enroll, once a year, in the classes that are scheduled across Maine. For $60 you get five hours of class time that can both lower your insurance and take 3 points from your driving record.

The classroom is empty for the five-minute break.

A student attempts to walk a tape line wearing goggles that simulate vision under impairment.


Elements of Style

I drew through a section of Elements of Style.

Liquor Bottles: generic image, taken anywhere.


Cool Walk

I love walking home in the middle of the night when the wind is blowing and it's freezing cold. It is the only way to travel in Maine, one step at a time.
My only complaints, the wind isn't strong enough to blow the snow to the degree of blinding (making my $5 investment in clear UV glasses less valuable), and it's not cold enough (they over use the word 'arctic' in our weather reports), and there are no moose or polar bears. boooorinG. At least I can count on the occasional carload of small town bullies trying to jump me.
Awesome! Running down the center of the street from the bad dudes out of a '90s sitcom, and I'm stuck in an '80s feel-good movie.

Digital Archive Photo

This digital archive photo from Feb. 8, 2008 shows a suspected digital photo archive in the Kennebec Journal newsroom.


Crime Scene

Last month a car full of kids almost ran me over and then got out of the car, pushed me down and kicked me in the head. It was a Friday night in the Tim Horton's parking lot on Western Avenue in Augusta Maine. They broke one of my Nikon lenses, my Nikon D1X camera, and left a scar on my head. I filed a report with the Augusta Maine Police Department. Nothing has come of the investigation yet.
Last night, a Friday night, the same kids waited for me in the State Armory parking lot on Western Avenue in Augusta Maine. They were in a dark green 4-door Mercury Sable or Ford Taurus. Approximately a 2004 model. Three of them got out of the car an approached me with short sleeved shirts on. I ran across the street. They yelled threatening things, then got in the car and drove west, then east down Western Avenue.
I called the police. I spoke to Augusta Maine Police Officer Day who said he'd see the car driving around. The investigation is still underway, I think.


(i-)Recovering from a Crash(Tunes)

11:24 AM me: oh it was$191, 000
Katie: yes
11:25 AM me: i am making art out of it, and you helped me
11:27 AM Katie: i helped you make art
11:28 AM i helped you find the title of your book
me: yup, thanks
Katie: do i get a credit?
special shout out in the book?
me: nope, later


Augusta, Bath, Portland & Hallowell Maine

I-95 South around Richmond Maine, approximately 7:30 a.m.

Courthouse, West Bath: and The Chocolate Church, Bath Maine

A church in Bath Maine

Wilderness along I-95 Maine

My truck along the Eastern Promenade Portland Maine

Building on the Eastern Promenade and B&M Baked Beans in Portland Maine

Picked up my photos from a show at SPACE Gallery in Portland and at Harlow Gallery in Hallowell Maine. Hallowell Maine

Dynamic Driving Class, Augusta Technical Center, Augusta Maine

My neighbor Donna took a picture of one of her lizards on my shoulder.