Thanksgiving Day Events, Augusta Maine

The first people I saw on my way to work today were Ryan and Jake, (of Gardiner Maine) out doing some Thanksgiving Day exercises. Feast pre-gaming, waist-line maintaining, robotic-leg training with Ryan's parents' (who live in Augusta Maine) jumping-stilt-things. Rumpelstiltskins. Metal leggings.

The Healthy Segway: These things are like the healthy Segway. (I wonder what happens to a person if one of those metal pieces snaps?)

Hungry Man: I was frickin' hungry today. Nothing was open on my way to work because it was Thanksgiving. (Jerks!) I ate some chips and pretzels from the machine after I contemplated fasting for the day.
Fasting like much of the world is doing unwillingly. Trust me, I really am a thankful bastard. And chances are if you are using a computer to read this message, you should be too. Even if you're homeless in a library in Phoenix. It's warm and you got books, right?
But, I guess not so thankful as to fast today. I finally broke down and went to the Irving gas station next door and grabbed a microwave turkey dinner. It was good. And only $3.49. I bought a Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream bar too ($2.49).

Drove to work but ended up walking home. The transmission, or hopefully clutch, on my truck went out. Luckily it wasn't far from my apartment. Luckily once I got up the hill. Luckily after I just got done filling up the tank. ... ?
I began pushing my truck home. Felt silly and tired pushing my truck home in the middle of the night. Realized I looked silly and tired pushing my truck home in the middle of the night. With the help of a passer-by I was able to get my truck into a vacant lot a couple blocks from my house. I hate owning a vehicle that isn't a pair of jumping-stilt-things.