History of Shaving

I shave for the same reason everyone does, or the same reason that every has been since the 4th Century BC - routine. Alexander the Great ordered that all his soldiers shave their beard so no one would grab them during fighting. After that it became the fashion and a sign of civality. Recently, during WWI, our own military began the regulation of men shaving their beards in order that their gas masks have an airtight fit.

Hyper-Real Bar

I went to The Big Hunt with my friends Andrew and Maris. The best reason I like going to The Big Hunt (aside from the hot wings) is for the atmosphere. The place is decorated like some kind of fictional expedition. The room we were sitting in was a ribcage with mining lights hanging in it. But there are three different floors, even a patio. It is strange to see a wanderer walk by your table and bump their head on a replica mining lamp looking for the bathroom. It's surreal to see three tourists in winter coats pass by single file, like they're holding a safety line while looking for the basement. And with all the smoke and yelling I imagined it to be like drinking in a mine shaft.