National Zoological Park
the only thing that's not captivated is the audience

Me and a friend, Ana went to the zoo. There are a lot of animals there, not like the San Diego Zoo, but way cooler than the Pittsburgh Zoo. (And I hear it's no comparison to the Oakland Zoo.) I tried to take some good shots of the little monkeys but they were either too far away for my wide-angle lens or too jittery to take a good picture of under the lighting conditions. Finally one of the wee primates went into a stare resulting in this picture. I imagine this is like the drive thru version of real wildlife photography!

(It's nicer to think of as a nursing home than as a prison. Either way the inhabitants go crazy.)

**Diamonds are a Man's Best Friend**

Went to go see my friend Solomon DJ in Adams-Morgan tonight. He is a house music DJ at the Blue Room. All the people who worked there treated me very cool. Me and his girlfriend Susan chatted it up and listened to the records. They spun 'round and 'round, kinda' like my head is spinning this very moment.

[Changed to grayscale for effect.]