District Election Day Coverage

I went and voted mid-morning today at the Mount Pleasant Library, Ward 1, District 39. The line went down the sidewalk, across and alley, and down the side stairwell into the basement of the Mount Pleasant Library. Right at the bottom of the step going into the basement doors was a leaf-covered specimen of human feces. I couldn't wait to get through the door!

When I got through the door I was breathing again, and talking to the people in front of me. We noticed some of the election officials turned their attention toward the door. We turned around and saw that the woman who was directly behind me had stopped at the door, 50 feet behind. I yelled back asking if she couldn't smell the "poop"? The officials made her move forward through the door. She may have been drunk.

I saw my friends Solomon and Susan, and Michael a customer from Swing's Coffee Shop, and my old neighbor Spencer at the polls. I joked loudly with Solomon about voting for George Bush. I had the choice to vote by pencil ballot or electronically. I chose paper ballot, as did most people. I fed my vote for John Kerry into the mouth of the electronic ballot box. On my way out the door I pointed to the leafy pile, revealing the source of the stink to the other voters in line (to their chagrin).