Augusta Non-Comic Strips

I was thinking this might be funny, wrong.
The first comic refers to an article in the Kennebec Journal's Opinion Page last week saying that native Mainers are less interested in the conservation of Maine than non-natives. Which is true most of the time, in most places.
2.) No ATVs in the Kennebec Highlands! The crazy people up here were trying to pass a law that would allow four-wheelers on the same trails as hikers.
The third comic refers to Rob, the psycho kid that lives on the third floor of the Edwards House Inn. He went to the mental hospital for attacking his mom, his dad is a state attorney. Now he spends his free time roaming the halls of the Edwards House Inn trying to bum money and beer and crapping in the second floor bathtub.
Forth, The Arby's up here has free wi-fi, wooooo! Roast beef and Web surfing!
5.) Lobsters!
Family Circus) the low-level crimes people get put in jail for around here, and the insane crimes they seem to go free on. The jails are so crowded the state is trying to take over the county jails to save money.
7.) There are actually an abundance of mentally ill folks up here. AMHI refers to The Augusta Mental Health Institute, now defunct. But they let everyone out, and apparently they're still here. Just hanging around the libraries and whatnot. They call them AMHI Alumni. Good for writing material, bad for shower hygiene.