Friendly Neighborhood Safeway

On the way home tonight I stopped at the Safeway on Corcoran St. I remembered I needed some toilet paper and paper towels. At the checkout the cashier set my two bags on the counter. I asked her if she could put my paper items in the bag too. "We don't have bags that big," she said. I stood there for a second and said, almost without thinking, "Can I use one of these carts?" She had one of the bag boys unlock the electronic wheel on the computerized cart and I wheeled it about 3/4 a mile up 16th St NW, and home. People avoid eye contact with you when you're pushing a shopping cart down the sidewalk. Thank you Safeway! Whole Foods would never do that. (p.s. i'll return it friday)

Metal Sculpture

To relieve some stress and blow off some hypothetical and actual steam I decided to take a welding class for metal sculpture this semester. Our instructor Clay shows the ideal acetylene flame before adding oxygen to the mixture. This class is will definitely be a release for me, and a break from my normal classes. However, I didn't realize how tired I would be after a 5-hour welding session in the basement of the Corcoran Gallery.