My Mother of Creation

This is my mom standing in her yard earlier today. She had Kidney Cancer a while back and it has recently been detected in her lungs. She told me she about it this past Christmas. I still don't know if it has sunk all the way into my head yet. The doctors in Tampa estimate she has a year to live. One of the greatest gifts I was ever given was the family my mom created - a brother, two sisters, three nieces, two nephews and two great nieces.

My Sister's Daughters' Daughters

These are my great nieces. Reba is chasing me on her horse and Michelle is chasing her. It's like a parade without the fire truck and PAL gum.

So This Man Walks Into a Stall ...

I think this is my sister's favorite horse, Cheyenne. She just had a special stall built for her away from the barn so she can be checked conveniently by veterinarians when she becomes pregnant.

Just Like Home, Only Different

I will go just about anywhere with my family. Today I landed in Orlando after a very short flight from D.C. Little did I know only hours later I would be taking in a cultural piece of Americana that I am usually terrified of. My neice's boyfriend is a singer and gutarist in a counrty band called Ambush. Tonight me and My sister Patti went with Taira, my niece, to see Ambush play at the County Line Bar in Weirsdale. They were great musicians which always makes the experience more enjoyable. I had to drink rum and cokes though, the only kind of beer they sell down here is watered-down for the cowboys. Aaahhh, Central Florida, the Redneck State.