The Day Starts Crappy

For all the crap I've dealt with since moving in nearly a year ago today was possibly the worst. I woke up and waded through water in my sandals to the bathroom where i found the toilet reservoir on the toilet cracked and draining all the way into the living room. It was bad but at least I could still take a shower ... until I opened the shower door and sewage was staring back at me! So my landlord called Roto-Rooter and Mike came out and pulled mostly hair out of the drain. I am staying in a hotel room tonight courtesy of my landlord. They come to replace the toilet tomorrow.

Jewish Against the Zionist State

Some Orthodox Jews protest the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee outside the Washington Convention Center today. A rabbi taking part in the protest said that the Jewish people are forbidden to have an official state according to the Torah. These people seem honest and peaceful. It's hard to side with someone and not offend someone else today, but I think they might be on to something.

There are Many Like It

I walked past the Masonic Temple tonight, or as I call it because of its ambiance "The Temple of Doom." The walls by the sidewalk were filled with cicadas. It was awesome to finally be a witness to this phenomenon. Cicadas are much more than the average insect. They come out of the ground every 17 years! I hate seeing them smashed because they are so old. I got a close-up of this one as it was falling to the ground after shedding its shell. I think its friend alongside helped hasten his fall looking for a spot for itself to shed. Some friend.