T is for Terrorism

Today, after watching CNN and the second attempt at mass terror on London's "Underground," I took a long trip on the Metro, DC's own subway. I had to pick up some things I left in a friend's car about 15 miles out of town. At the 13th and U St Station commuters seemed extra-fidgety waiting for the train. I picked up a paper and started doing the crossword to keep my mind off things. The situation made me think back to a time of similar uneasy feelings. Four years ago when I was riding a C-130 into Kandahar, Afghanistan. As I rode the train to my transfer point I kept imagining explosions, almost laughing to myself over what a crazy world we live in. At L' Enfant Station I looked up at the Metro message board and saw the alert. I stood under the sign doing my cross word when I saw a family looking at a Metro map. "Where are you headed?" "Arlington Cemetery," said the man. I sent his family in the right direction. "Thanks a lot," He said. I only now noticed his English accent. Strange, I thought. I went back to my calming crossword;

1 Lose one's temper

"BLOWUP," of course.

Galactic Tourism

A small, inconspicuous travel agency at 17th and U Sts NW is apparently booking flights to space.