Visiting Alex V's Studio

While out walking her dogs, a local gallery owner visits Alex V's Studio for an informal critique.


Nationals Hose Yankees 11-9

Sad but true there were more Yankee fans than Nats fans at RFK Stadium today. Sad but true that the Yankees broke away with a 7 run lead (which included a grand slam homer) in one terrifying inning of the game. Sad but true for the Yankees that the Nats came back to win an upsetting 11-9 victory!

The Yankee fans were very loud ... but we were fewer and louder. We fought back with Boos, Jeers, and T-shirt Bazookas.

After the amazing comeback the fans give a standing ovation.

Not all Yankee fans are jerks, but like New Yorkers, most of them are.


Attending Picnic at the Park

My friend Sprengelmeyer invited me to a picnic at RFK Stadium for Nationals' season ticket holders. We each got a free bag of stuff and Sprengelmeyer smoked cigarettes on the field. There were a lot of baseball fans out on a Sunday afternoon. And after the Nats won it appeared everyone who attended the game was a season ticket holder.

Fun Yard (Angry Neighbors)

Ate hotdogs (and veggie burgers)
drank beer (and White Russians)
did live recordings with local musicians (including Bill C.)
in Alex V's Front Yard Studio


Unofficial Meeting Places

The Danielle Steel(e) Society of Advanced Poetics will be holding practice meetings monday afternoons at CyberStop Cafe, in preparation for their real meetings.

. . .

The Mount Pleasant Bicycle Enthusiasts' Club held a spontaneous meeting at Meridian Hill Park this afternoon. (During the meeting Casey Smith told us how he caught a big fish in the fountain at a past Enthusiasts' meeting.)


Freedom Parade

Being crazy by the Old Executive Office Building. When I recently graduated my good friend Sprengelmeyer said, "You were always crazy, now you're certifiably crazy." (Or something very close to that.) I just put up a new section of my portfolio that has certificates and diplomas that may prove Sprengelmeyer's point. It's on the second page, check it out. (You may also just find it an interesting photo essay on certificates.)