(:l]--- HAPPY HALLOWEEN ---[l:)

Had a good show at the Corcoran's White Walls Gallery. A lot of feedback. Friends whom I didn't expect to show up, did. Almost surreal, but isn't life? I decided to walk home up 18th St and saw some friends at the Asylum in Adams-Morgan. I ended up there for a good deal of the evening. Girls with painted-on costumes came in to Trick or Treat!

[Remember to watch out for the safety of others during your Halloween Holiday, especially children!]


--++ An Interesting Couple ++--

Joseph Perez, bicycle messanger and his girlfriend Catherine Slye, computer specialist meet each other midday for a cup of coffee at M. E. Swing's Coffee Shop on 17th and G St NW.

[Want to learn more about Joseph and Catherine's relationship? Then go to the Corcoran student photojournalism show opening in the Corcoran's White Walls Gallery, 6pm to 8pm Thur., Oct 30. Who knows, they might show up!]

__ The Digital Darkroom Class __

This is a picture of my Digital Darkroom professor, Alex Jamison. This class seems to be getting better as the semester drags on. The course started out basic, but now we are covering techniques that bypass some extra steps that I've used in the past. Slowly the students in the class are becoming more personable. (Or maybe it's just me? , I'm becoming more personable.) It is thanks to Mr. Jamison that we owe our new outlook on Photoshop, and life ... "Here, Here!"

[Another fine day to be alive and taking pictures.]


**The Rain in Spain, aka D.C.**

The day started out warm and damp, by nightfall it was cold and wet. A combination of the switch back to Standard Time (making it darker earlier), and the weather effected rush hour and caused at least a couple fender benders on my bus ride home.

[The weather on 17th St NW.]


}} Road Trip to Rock Baltimore {{

Ended up in Baltimore at the Ottobar ( www.theottobar.com ) tonight. Great show. No matter how much I hate to leave the District for entertainment, this was well worth it! The venue was excellent, The Constantines (below) and Don Caballero played their @##s off! One of the best shows in memory!

[If you aren't a reject, or even if you are check these bands out.]


-= What World Series? =-

Went to the Xchange Saloon in Foggy Bottom to watch what turned out to be the last game of the Series. But doesn't everybody agree that baseball is boring? I think we should come up with a new "national pastime." What about motocross racing? I don't ride dirt bikes or have a real interest in it. But, they're a lot more fun to watch than a bunch of guys standing around a well-groomed lawn wearing dumpy uniforms.

[Photo show this week in the Corcoran College's White Walls Gallery, go see it.]


++ Dressing to the Nines ++

Jeanette Lee gets ready for her role in the Corcoran's student lounge before a fundraiser at the gallery Friday. Lee and other players from Motion Mania Dance Theater, Gaithersburg, Md., will be mingling in costumes that reflect the period and specific characters from Impressionist paintings. The characters will add yet another dimension to Seward Johnson's Exhibit,
Beyond the Frame.

[I was only going to check my email, surprise.]


Crisp Air Around Here

[Pretty soon cheeks will be red, lips will be chapped, knuckles will be cracked and bleeding ... ahh, beautiful Autumn.]

** Hello?, Mushi Mushi ... Sushi? **

Called some friends. Found they were preoccupied or didn't answer. And I think one even hung up. Went to get some caffine in Adams-Morgan. Looked around an African Art shop. Walked down the street and saw a quiet sushi joint, Pacific Sushi. This is an alright place if you're looking for moderately-priced, quality sushi. San Diego State grad, David, opened the place 10 months ago. He only has two other employees and says that's how he likes it.

[I had two spicey tunas, an eel and avacado, and a couple Sapporos ... all tastey.]


.: Tourism Turns Cities Into Adult Amusement Parks :.

Like many Americans, the French don't seem to care too much for our politics. That doesn't stop them from loving our tourism.

[The weather was a little gray here today, but the temperature stayed warm.]


Could Season be Understood as Weather in a Photo Assignment?

There will be a student Photojournalism and I think some Fine Arts photos on display in the Corcoran College's White Walls Gallery from Monday Oct 27th to Friday Oct 31st. The opening reception will be Thursday Oct 30th, from 6pm--8pm.

[Another view of Kilbourne Pl NW, the heart of Mount Pleasant.]


National Zoological Park
the only thing that's not captivated is the audience

Me and a friend, Ana went to the zoo. There are a lot of animals there, not like the San Diego Zoo, but way cooler than the Pittsburgh Zoo. (And I hear it's no comparison to the Oakland Zoo.) I tried to take some good shots of the little monkeys but they were either too far away for my wide-angle lens or too jittery to take a good picture of under the lighting conditions. Finally one of the wee primates went into a stare resulting in this picture. I imagine this is like the drive thru version of real wildlife photography!

(It's nicer to think of as a nursing home than as a prison. Either way the inhabitants go crazy.)

**Diamonds are a Man's Best Friend**

Went to go see my friend Solomon DJ in Adams-Morgan tonight. He is a house music DJ at the Blue Room. All the people who worked there treated me very cool. Me and his girlfriend Susan chatted it up and listened to the records. They spun 'round and 'round, kinda' like my head is spinning this very moment.

[Changed to grayscale for effect.]


Friends, Romans, whoever ...

True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it be lost.

--Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832)

}} Meridian Hill Park {{

This is Meridian Hill Park at midnight. Walked through it tonight to get home from a popular D.C. music venue, the Black Cat. A lot of creepy guys hang out there at night but nothing too exciting. I went through the dried up fountain and climbed the waterless falls to the top, til I saw a cop. Then I took the sidewalk. I was thinking on a previous walk by Meridian Hill Park, the greenery smells like musty bedclothes ... probably the people who live in there.

[Meridian Hill Park is closed May-Oct, midnight to 5am and Nov-April 9pm to 5am.]


Kilbourne Pl NW, Washington, D.C. (Mt. Pleasant)

Nice day today. A breeze going down the street. A couple trees on the block are turning colors. The temperature is almost chilly. The days are getting shorter and it's nice to see the change into autumn, goodbye summer. Hopefully I get some action shots or something more interesting tomorrow.


[[ My First Pupusas ]]

I went to class 45 minutes early. Drank coffee. That still didn't help me stay awake during that african art film. It is a very interesting subject. (A whole new way of looking at our own art is found when we understand how Western Eyes have brought new meaning to another cultures objects.) Did a lot of work inside today. I didn't take very many pictures but I got this one while eating papusas for the first time. Pollo Deli has nice chicken burritos so I think I'll stick with one of those next time.

A Stock Photomontage

Didn't get around too much today. Took a couple pictures. These are some of the server network boards at the Corcoran's Georgetown campus. Some flowers on 33rd St NW.

I did get some pictures of an old aquaintance ... Army Mike. He needs $42 for a bus ticket to Danville, Va. This is a photo of him advertising for me, or as they say in the advertising business, "Hold this a sec while I take your picture." Happy 46th Birthday Army Mike!


During the Day We Have Horse Cops
(I thought they were only for the touristy neighborhoods?)

The 42 to Mt. Pleasant, Columbus Day,10:25pm.

Columbus Day ... days after the "Running Gun Battle," a squad car and a mobile police headquarters van are an ever-present fixture in front of the 7-11 on Mt. Pleasant St. There are also a few media vans but I think they just watch t.v. in the back.



This is Bernardino from Honduras. He is an electrician working on the renovation of the Tivoli Theater on 14th and Park NW. He was enjoying a light breakfast of coffee and a tamale. We all talked about the violence in the area lately with the help of my friend and translator M. E. Sprengelmeyer, a Scripps Howard News Service journalist. He translated for me. "Th' marijuana an coca," was Bernardinos guess for the recent outbreak in latino gang violence in the Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights neighborhoods.

[You going to eat that carrot?]


Took this photo in an alley connecting Kilbourne with Lamont in Mt. Pleasant. Was walking to eat some good Salvadorian breakfast in Columbia Heights at the Waffle Shop. Met my friend Sprengelmeyer there. Not what you would expect of a place called the Waffle Shop! This place is a real experience, worth rough alley walking. (Ha)

[probably dropped by the daughter of a soccer mom]


** Mt. Pleasant Fun **

Hello, another day and more excitement. I was over to Solomon's place and he was DJing at the window, when arouse such a clatter. Solomon watched it happen and the rest of us ran to the window to see what was the matter. Two guys in a car rammed the fence and then tried to get away real quick by ramming through a van parked there. The cops walked up while he was still trying to drive away. She told him to get out of the car, the cops were real laid back. They let the passenger drive the car away and he told them he didn't have a license. There was a little boy in the back of the car! Who knows what's next!

[video stills]



I came home from class and took a nap woke up and found I had just missed what Channel 8 News called a "running gun battle." This is a photo of a very polite police staff sergeant coming under the police line to ask me to stop taking photos of the crime scene. You can see the marker behind him in the glass. This is the bus stop in front of the Mount Pleasant 7-11 where the gun fight ended 4 blocks later!

[fun and excitement]


(:]X Shiver me Timbers ... X[:)

... ARRRGH, it be a BONE BUNNY! There also be a parrot in the mix, at the gallery 21 in Mount Pleasant. This is an art show featuring local D.C. artists Noah Angel, Marci Branagan, Chris Brooks and TANG. From what I can see it will be well worth it to show up during the reception Friday Oct. 10 from 6 to 8pm. Otherwise, the gallery is open Oct. 8 to 21, Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 5pm, at 1615 Kenyon St NW Washington, D.C. (Take the 42 MetroBus.)

[the gallery 21]


**Photo Assignment: Congressman Jerry Lewis, Calif. (R)**

My assignment was to shoot a politician on Capitol Hill. Through a great network i emerged with a congressman from one of my home states, California. I walked away with a much greater human feeling of politicians and some of the best portraits I've ever taken. Thank you Congressman Lewis.

[Congressman Jerry Lewis, Calif. (R), and his dog Bruin, Calif. (R).]



This is an art show featuring local D.C. artists Noah Angel, Marci Branagan, Chris Brooks and TANG. From what I can see it will be well worth it to show up during the reception Friday Oct. 10 from 6 to 8pm. Otherwise, the gallery is open Oct. 8 to 21, Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 5pm. In Mount Pleasant at 1615 Kenyon St NW Washington, D.C.