Augusta Vacuum & Supply & Sidewalk & Economy

Down at Augusta Vacuum & Supply, 234 Water Street, Augusta Maine, you can pick up a vacuum or parts from friendly-neighborhood salesman Dale (very mild mannered).

Dale tells me a little about the area. Tells me about an article that ran in the Boston Globe about Augusta Maine, featuring his shop. Tells me about the vacuum business, and its problems with China. Never mentions superheros at all. Suspect.

The sidewalks are
very dangerous in Maine.
The sidewalks are
just one of the very
dangerous things in
Maine. In fact, I
was going to tell
you to visit me
in Maine but it's
so dangerous that
I would have to
kill you a soon as
you got here to
keep you from a
more horrible death.
Maine has got some
very dangerous sidewalks.

The recession has left abandon shopping carts everywhere. Come on America! I thought we were going to shop our way out of the war on terror!
Your complacency must have a reason. Comfort not justice. Shop Wal-Mart.

A former beauty school abandon behind a snow pile in the back parking lot of a strip mall in Augusta Maine. I would actually think this is a good sign for the economy.