Problems with Technology?

This is my friend and former instructor Casey. I went over to his house for the first time today. It seems like a great place. Much better than my place. I thought I wouldn't mind living in a basement apartment ... now I feel like I live in a cave. Casey has high-speed internet, unlike myself. It was on the blink though while I was there. "Isn't that always how it happens," said Casey. I showed him the internet forecast on my cell phone. The weather was great today.

Spring's Color

I had to re-shot some studio photos at school. I ate a trout sandwich on my walk to school. Much later on today I realized I left my new credit card in Baltimore, and cancelled it. I first noticed its disapearrance when, after eating with my friends Andrew and Maris, the bill came. It may be more embarassing than having your credit card rejected. Other than that I've been walking around with a headache all day. I took this picture of a flower in a front yard on Capitol Hill.