--++ An Interesting Couple ++--

Joseph Perez, bicycle messanger and his girlfriend Catherine Slye, computer specialist meet each other midday for a cup of coffee at M. E. Swing's Coffee Shop on 17th and G St NW.

[Want to learn more about Joseph and Catherine's relationship? Then go to the Corcoran student photojournalism show opening in the Corcoran's White Walls Gallery, 6pm to 8pm Thur., Oct 30. Who knows, they might show up!]

__ The Digital Darkroom Class __

This is a picture of my Digital Darkroom professor, Alex Jamison. This class seems to be getting better as the semester drags on. The course started out basic, but now we are covering techniques that bypass some extra steps that I've used in the past. Slowly the students in the class are becoming more personable. (Or maybe it's just me? , I'm becoming more personable.) It is thanks to Mr. Jamison that we owe our new outlook on Photoshop, and life ... "Here, Here!"

[Another fine day to be alive and taking pictures.]