2008, Day 17

Before my friends Rich and Krista left on their way to Chicago via Niagara Falls we went to Damons to get lobster rolls.

Lobster Roll: As I described it to Rich a lobster roll is lobster meat w/ lettuce and mayo on a hot dog bun. They are really good. Weird, but really good.

One for the Road: Rich takes a picture of me before he and Krista hit the highway. He is seen here using the automobile-pod to steady his camera.

The three reasons you don't picnic in Maine this time of year. Snow, snow, snow, and freezing rain.

Walking home at night, past the place where I started the day. Having my first actual cravings for lobster rolls.

Dead River Oil Company: Dead River seems a fitting name for a local Maine oil company. It fits today's perception of the oil industry.
I sympathize with the oil sheiks. This whole 'global warming' thing is making them work overtime, and look bad. Well, making their workers work overtime, and making the U.S. look bad.
Because of 'global warming' we now have to use our air conditioners more often, plus we have to drive everywhere. The weather is always either too hot or too cold it seems.
Curse you Al Gore! You have created the Internet and Global Warming!