Making a Breakfast Smoothie

This is a video about my favorite breakfast smoothie, my favorite ingredients, and the best way to make it.


Sunday Afternoon at Eric Powell's

I walked down to visit Eric Powell on Sunday afternoon. It was fun, kind of.


Visiting Transformer Gallery

This is a short video I made about my frequent visits to transformer, a non-profit gallery for emerging artists in Washington, D.C.

Iona Rozeal Brown Party: Blagden Alley

It was a good time: barbecue chicken and a keg of beer, and a plenty of Drink Dancing.


It's the Beer Talking

An experimental video: I am trying to capture the discussions people have about their problems as they drink cheap beer.


San Francisco Test

This is a practice video, made with some photos I took a few years ago in San Francisco.


Talking to Stephen Crowley

I went to talk to New York Times photographer Stephen Crowley today. We talked about storytelling, and about doing what you have to do to work. He talked about creative journalism vs. technical journalism. He told me I should do some more stuff w/ my poems, like below.

American Sidewalk (Revisited)


More Moving

Breck is making the move to Philly, the city I love to hate. The city we all love to hate.


Log Blog

I went out to Springfield w/ Colin today to help him and his dad, Jim, get rid of some dead branches and trees. They cut, I split, me and Colin stacked. It was a real professional operation. I've found I like splitting wood. I've found a new profession. If you have any logs you want split please contact me. You must provide the equipment (sledge hammer, min. of 2 wedges). Thank You.

The Europeans

I hung out w/ Eric Powell for a while tonight. We looked at photos, sat on the balcony and ate salami sandwiches, pita chips, humus, tomatoes, mozzarella, beer ... Eric said, "We are the Europeans tonight." I said, "Yeah. We're the Italians, the Greeks ... the Irish."


Terzano Style

Few men in DC possess the chic of Michael Terzano. He knows it. He uses it to his advantage. All the girls say, there goes Mike T. (or Pterodactyl as he's known), when he walks by. He hears them, he might even see them out of the corner of his eye, but he doesn't blink or turn or nod. He is a rock, an island. Mike T. is a man of men. A word of advice, watch out for him.

Moving Out of DC

I helped Andrew and Maris move out of DC today. Just outside the city limits, by a block or less, to Silver Spring. A lower cost of living, a higher quality of life- that's what I'm looking for.

Hirshhorn Openning Snapsshots

I would like to thank my many sponsors (not including Eric Powell) for the drinks and admission to the Hirshhorn opening last night. It was good to see friends, and friends of friends, and new friends, and old friend. And special thanks to Mrs. Hirshhorn for dropping the money for this event, and the drink tickets she dropped while standing in line.


Transformer Opening Events

Transformer Gallery is so small most of the events of their openings take place outside or elsewhere. This is a rough record of some of those events.



I went to visit Casey at Laundroland on Mt Pleasant Street. His psychic reading was that things would be getting better for me pretty soon. But he admits, he could be wrong.

Rice, Beans, and Beer

I hadn't seen Alex for a few months. She came over and ate some rice & beans and we drank a couple beers.


Events of July 18, 2007

I met Rachel at Caribou. I sent out some resumes. (One of which, I got a bite!) I told Rachel I had a dream that I had once killed someone and I had lived my life trying to hide it, until I woke up. Rachel told me she had a dream that she was a terrorist and had killed hundreds of people w/ bombs, etc. And would cut the clips from the newspapers and use them in her art. Later, I saw Cherif on the sidewalk. He told me I could easily get a job at Whole Foods. But, I've been there three times in the past couple days. Of any temporary job, that's the one I would prefer.

Events of July 17, 2007

1)Dave w/ the Nose Ring keeping watch from the roof of his gallery, Transformer
2)Bruce, neighbor of Demon House, waters Maggie "the Tree"
3)Swim at your own risk
4)Not risking it
5)Back down on the elevator


Temporary Interview

I had an interview at a temp agency in Bethesda today. I scored 97 percent on the MicroSoft Word test, and 83 percent on the Excel test. I was happiest w/ the Excel test score b/c it was the first time I had ever used it.