Vincent's Pizza Park

A visual review of Vincent's Pizza Park in Pittsburgh, Pa.


Garbage Men on Kosciusko Way

Do you like the "Take This Job And Shove It" ringtone? Thanks. I thought it was a nice touch, too.


Stages of Beard Growth I & II

Stages of Beard Growth I

Stages of Beard Growth II
(You can watch these videos in HQ [high quality] by using the scroll button in the bottom right corner of the youtube screen.)


Inauguration Day

This is some low-quality video of Inauguration Day that I edited together from a point-n-shoot camera. I have a lot of other higher quality video I am editing, it may turn out making a feature length blogumentary.


My Favorite Inaugural Souvenir

I gave Obama advice and the Steelers a shout out. The little girl wears the stovepipe hat the best.


Finding New Urbanism

My friend Temisan needed a ride to his DJing gig at brillobox in Pittsburgh. I agreed, but I told him I was going to a New Urbanism met up along the way. Met a lot of great people including Lizandra (who explained New Urbanism,) Mark Dixon, Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Pedudo, and many other community organizers.
DJs are community activists/organizers, too.
(Still practicing voiceovers, kind of crappy on this one. TIming off, etc..)


Steelers Pep Rally

I went to the Steelers Pep Rally downtown by the Terrible Tree in the old jail building's courtyard.


Farm Drive

It takes me about an hour to get from the apartment I am living in on the South Side of Pittsburgh to my farm in Enon Valley.

Fatally Beaten Homeless Man

When I was in College I used to go to the little park next to school. Sometimes I would try to talk to this homeless man. (He is holding my business card in this picture.)
To communicate, sometimes I would sing a Japanese nursery rhyme my sister Gina taught me when I was a baby. Little did I know that was Yoshio Nakada's preferred method of communication.
Here is the Washington Post article.


Pittsburgh Reunion

(November 29, 2008) This is the 10 year reunion picture of six artists who lived, hung out, went to class, most of us worked as busboys at Tambellini's, and argued and fought together and with each other. From left to right: Oba Changa, Matt Carl, Jason Habrel, Luke Stock, me, and Eddie Graham.


Lee's Coffee Shop

I found this awesome place called Lee's where breakfast is practically free.

Lee's Coffee Shop
2116 E. Carson St.


Moving Sale

A student from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh is moving out of her apartment across the street. I took this video out my living room window.

Filling a Tooth

I went to the dentist to get a filling. The filling fell out about 6 years ago. It was sensitive a couple years ago for about a week. I thought for sure I would need a root canal or some kind of orthodontic surgery by now. But, I was in and out in 33 minutes thanks to Tom's of Maine.

South Side Train

Trying to catch the South Side train that runs along Josephine Street in Pittsburgh.


Visiting Oba on New Years

Visiting my friend Oba Changa in the Pittsburgh VA Hospital on New Years Day.


Updated My Portolio

Baby Horse Comes Home

My sister Patti's Horse Baby was being trained at horse school for 3 months. This is a video of Baby's return to her herd at my farm in Western Pennsylvania. It is also a voice over test using the Window Movie Maker voice over feature.