Through Hail and Back

Today we saw golf ball-sized hail in some parts of DC. I peeked my head out of Swing's Coffee Shop and saw these loyal customers and some brave Fairfax County school bus driver braving the hail on 17th St NW. These folks didn't actually come into the shop, but a regular wadded in and ordered a cup ... then realized he had forgotten his wallet. He gave the shop a verbal IOU and the sale was settled with the old form of credit, trust. It's nice to see human compassion in these modern days of iced coffee.

The Big Hunt

A long lost friend Paul is back in town. He came here to go to college and when he graduated he moved back to Costa Rica. We met Paul at "The Big Hunt" on Connecticut Ave. Aside from the "good ol' days" the main topic of conversation was how Paul recently broke his arm while surfing in Nicaragua. I had forgotten that Paul surfed. One thing I do remember about hanging out with Paul is that 10 out of 10 times I'll wake up with a hangover.