Looking @ Art in Pittsburgh

I went to check out the strange art of Pittsburgh with my old friend Wes Wyzykowski.

Videos from the Border

Making cinnamon rolls in Pennsylvania about a mile from Ohio.

A visit to a dentist in Ohio, right over the Pennsylvania border.


Thirteen More Videos from DC

Ollie's Trolley in Washington DC. (Cash Only)

The events of another opening in Washington DC.

Tang eats sushi at Whole Foods on P Street NW in Washington DC.

A Presidential Motorcade in Washington DC.

Hanging out in Arlington, Va.

Visiting the artist William Newman in Washington DC.

At the Big Hunt in Washington DC.

Visiting Alex Volkonsky in Washington DC.

Holiday Williams makes awesome fudge.

Visiting my friend M.E. in Mount Pleasant DC.

Stiil the events of yet another art opening in DC.

Meeting Chan and Andy downtown.

Manny and Olga's Pizza is #1 America Pizza DC.


Other Various Videos from DC

Eating at Young Chow's on Capital Hill in Washington DC.

Cell phone warning in Washington DC.

At L'Enfant Cafe in Washington DC.

Shooting pool at Buffalo Billiards in Washington DC.

A trip to M.E. Swing Coffee Shop with Andy Grundberg.

Jeremy is a landscape artist in Washington DC.

Annie Peters at the Corcoran in DC.

Andrew Bain disposing of cup in Washington DC.

It might not be a smart idea to go looking through shopping bags.


Bargain World, DC (2)

I really miss my friends in DC, but I miss Bargain World more.

Various Videos from DC

Last Friday I Think. (Now last last Friday.)

Art Talkers are not phased by fire alarms.

A restaurant named the Commissary.


Jimmy 'T's, Capital Hill

Chan, thanks for breakfast. Jimmy 'T's, thanks for atmosphere.


Deer Hunters

Here is video I made about deer hunting in two parts.