Christmas Passed

Christmas is great for bringing back memories. Maybe this is the real reason we create and hold traditions. My great-niece Michelle got a four-wheeler from my sister (her grandma) today for Christmas. It reminded me of my fifth or sixth Christmas when my dad got me a three-wheeler. I remember finding a map on the tree Christmas night. That map was a clue that led to another and another until we ended up in the barn, my three-wheeler was hidden inside of a hollow stack of hay bales. I also remember being disappointed with my father's gifts on later Christmases. I might regret my disappointment now if I thought it made a difference.

Christmas Eve Omen?

Taira, my niece took me to karaoke on Christmas Eve. When we stopped at the gas station I wondered if the burnt out light was a bad omen.

When we got to the bar called Fox Crossing and joined in the merriment I knew this was a great place to be on Christmas Eve.