Confessions of Bicycling

I walk past City Bikes in Adams-Morgan just about everyday. I notice the light in the shop all the time but tonight I approached from a different angle and saw what reminded me of a stained-glass window. Due to a religion that only I follow, I haven't been riding my bike yet this year. In my faith we are not allowed to ride bicycles on sidewalks in urban areas. I can't guarantee that I will stay off the sidewalk so I haven't been using my bike. I was talking about it earlier with Ricardo, a Fine Arts Photography student who rides his bike with his camera bandoleered around him. I told him another reason I didn't ride my bike is because it is uncomfortable to carry my camera while doing so. I prefer walking the most because it's the easiest way to take pictures. And lastly, it seems I'm more prone to arguing and fighting if I ride my bike because I have Road Rage Plus.

*Mark Your Calendar*

Corcoran College Student Film Festival

This Friday, May 7, 2004 at 7p.m.

at the Corcoran Gallery's

Armand Hammer Auditorium

(I think I have some shorts in it.)