Driveway Coffee: Eugene, Ore.

I think I've found my calling, drive-thru coffee huts. They are all over the place in Eugene. The people don't even think of them as an oddity. I talked to the owner of the bright yellow Gorilla Coffee Club and he said the huts have been around Eugene for 20 years or more. Dutch Bros. has a hold on the francise here, with FastLane Coffee in a far second place. Most of the huts are independent. (Roomies, could you park out of the driveway when I get home?)

Shaving is Hard

I shaved my beard off today with a single-blade disposable razor. I nearly shaved my face off. Lots of blood.

Dinner, Jr.

Under the eye of my sister, my 10-year-old nephew cooked the craziest miso soup I've ever had, for dinner tonight. He treats cooking like a science project. He won an award for "Best Junior Dish" in a local contest. And he won the Geography Bee too. And he plays on 2 baseball teams. I guess all I'm saying is, my nephew is better than yours.