Racking Heads

This is one of the photos for my studio lighting class drying in the racks in the photo studio at the Corcoran. It is a contemporary portrait, a well done mug shot. I'm happy that I've been in the photo lab developing 4x5 negatives and printing photos in the darkroom. This drying rack has a look and style that calls to mind the Zen feeling that comes from working in the darkroom. I hadn't recalled how simple and wonderful it was to watch an image appear on paper like magic in developer. I am happy that all of my prints are now finished. Now I start on the digital prints.

Not Wearing Out the Welcome

I had a lot more time to take a lot better pictures of tennis playing at Eastern Market today. After tennis Maris (above) made some awesome hot wings. There was other good stuff too, but I can only really remember the hot wings. On my way home I stopped to get a Slurpee. Fuad, the clerk, said, "It looks like you got that hat fighting in Baghdad." "No," I said. This hat brings up a lot of unique comments. A few days ago I was in line at a liquor store. There was a drunken homeless man in front of me. I was trying to hurry and he was gathering his cans and bags at the counter. I held up my drink and reached as politely as I could around him to pay the cashier. As I was paying I could feel the man staring at me. All of a sudden I heard the low grumble, "My buddy was in 'Nam." Then he turned and left. I love this digital cammo hat, but it attracts a lot of social heat.