Opening at Corcoran, Again

Went to another Corcoran Opening. Kevin drove. Saw many friends. Mark Cameron Boyd, my arch enemy, said that his link on my site has been sending him a lot of traffic.

Sprengelmeyer Off to the Races

My friend M.E. Sprengelmeyer is off to Iowa to cover the Presidential Races for a year. He is moving out of his place in Mt. Pleasant. (Ironically the week I moved across the street from him.) He has also informed me that The Washington Post ran another one of my photos this Wednesday without my permission! They still owe me money for the same photo the first time they used back in December.

Landscape Driving

Chris sometimes sings while he drives. He used to play guitar and sing in a few bands on DC labels like Discord Records. A couple days ago they called while he was pruning a tree about sending a royalties check. I'd like to retire off of royalties someday.

Dark Love

Went to hang out w/ Jenn and eat curry stew. Craig and Mike A. stopped by. Jenn and Jeremy's basement apartment is called "dark Love." She named it after I named Demon House, my former residence. I haven't figured out a name for my new apartment yet.