New Favorite Magazine

In Seoul, English magazines are pretty expensive. You can end up paying three times the cover price for a current issue at a bookstore. Last week I met some friends from class in Hongdae and stopped by a used magazine store. I picked up a few issues of Modern Painters for a little under the cover price. I was surprised by the content, all very interesting -- all very good articles. Check it out.


Korean Class Portrait

Here is a video from my Korean class in Hongdae last Friday.


My Mimosa

This is my mimosa. I bought it when I first got to Seoul a little over two months ago. My mimosa has blossomed about five times. Each of the blossoms are kind of special because they only last a day.


Recent Video Snapshots from Seoul

These are some video snapshots that were taken over the last few days, mainly Friday.


Old-Style Noodles

Right after work tonight I met Chael and went to get some jajung mehan, old style noodles. They are Chinese, and my friend Jinho told me that they are so old the Chinese probably don't remember them. Jajung is one of my favorite meals here in Seoul -- noodles with black bean sauce and a some pork and onions. And, after one day of class in Hongdae this morning I can actually read a Korean menu! Even if I have no idea what I'm saying means, it's pretty exciting. I imagine by the end of my class tomorrow I will be fluent. JJANG!!


Life Goes On

Obladi Oblada is the noraebang (karaoke) across the street from my apartment in Jangandong. I go there less often than I sit in front of Time 25 (convenience mart) with my friends looking at it, and people. Tomorrow is my first Korean class in Hongdae. I can't wait. I may use the nooribang to practice my Korean.