My Exciting Maine

The most exciting thing that happened in my life yesterday, a plane flew over a tree. I wonder if that broken spy satellite will land in Maine. I'm foreseeing it crushing me as I walk down Western Avenue dodging impatient drivers in the crosswalk.


Genetically Modified People

Genetically Modified People, GMPs. They are everywhere. You're one of them and there's not too much you can do about it with out going through some major sacrifices.
I try to eat more from my own kitchen, or at least local kitchens and restaurants, than from vending machines and chains. I'm hoping it will make me less GMPish. Less reliant on Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs. But it's hard to buy or know you're buying organic 100 percent of the time. I'm not even sure 'organic' is as organic as it once was, considering cross-fertilization.
GMOs are not only making us weaker by providing us with less-nutrient rich, allergenic, toxic, antibiotic resistant food, but GMOs are make killers of GMPs. The three closest calls I've had in Maine with cars - nearly being run over - was not because of the icy, treacherous sidewalks (slippery catwalks along a busy logging truck trails), but because I came between vehicles carrying GMPs to get GMOs at a 'drive-thru.' Augusta Maine has a lot of driv-thrus on Western Avenue. I walk past them frequently.
Drive-thrus should be outlawed for a number of reasons, like promoting glutenous inactivity and heart disease.
Bangor Maine was the first U.S. city to outlaw smoking in a car with children under 18.
Soda and drive-thrus are the new cigarettes.


Ron Paul in Maine

Ron Paul at the Maine Statehouse in Augusta Maine. Talking about the Ron Paul-icies of Ron Paul-itics.

Ron Paul, the man behind the curtain.


Winter Sunday Maine

ice skating fighting
your balance opponent
temperature fighting
the sun & season
creating ice

I watched the movie COLORS on my laptop, and sketched things while my camera took a break.


Pepsi & Sun & Bricks & Cup

Pepsi. Pep? Si. Pepsi.

Photos that are taken when someone is tearing down a chimney in Maine.

The Liberal Cup in Hallowell Maine.


Fueling & Striking & Thieving in Maine

Walking up Western Ave
slowly w/ boots step
step stepping
on the ice
ice icy
sidewalk slowly
slipping past
slowly as an
oil tanker quickly
pushes past
delivers a brisk
wisping wall of
wind & heating
oil to homes

Great picture quality in tonights first run prints of the paper. 'Superb,' I said. They used a lot of ink I'm told. That made for this great night shot.
Too bad half our writers and photographers are having a byline strike. They are in the guild. I am in the Communication Workers Union. We have a contract agreement. They don't.
WW_D? I mean what would Morning Sentinel Staff photo or By Morning Sentinel staff do?

Then I see the head shot of an accused, and what the records seem to show, career embezzler, and I realize the first print comes through with way more ink than calculated.
Some things are just
obvious. How did she
get away w/ multiple
embezzling charges?
She hid the money
in her freakin' hair!

Hey YOU!
The money 's in her hair!!


Augusta Vacuum & Supply & Sidewalk & Economy

Down at Augusta Vacuum & Supply, 234 Water Street, Augusta Maine, you can pick up a vacuum or parts from friendly-neighborhood salesman Dale (very mild mannered).

Dale tells me a little about the area. Tells me about an article that ran in the Boston Globe about Augusta Maine, featuring his shop. Tells me about the vacuum business, and its problems with China. Never mentions superheros at all. Suspect.

The sidewalks are
very dangerous in Maine.
The sidewalks are
just one of the very
dangerous things in
Maine. In fact, I
was going to tell
you to visit me
in Maine but it's
so dangerous that
I would have to
kill you a soon as
you got here to
keep you from a
more horrible death.
Maine has got some
very dangerous sidewalks.

The recession has left abandon shopping carts everywhere. Come on America! I thought we were going to shop our way out of the war on terror!
Your complacency must have a reason. Comfort not justice. Shop Wal-Mart.

A former beauty school abandon behind a snow pile in the back parking lot of a strip mall in Augusta Maine. I would actually think this is a good sign for the economy.


Late Night Traffic, Maine

Tuesday night landscaping graders gear up for forecasted snow with a practice run, grinding sparks down Western Avenue Augusta Maine.

Pine State Trading uses Western Avenue Augusta Maine every night to get to Interstate 95. Delivering cigarettes and snacks to Maine and other New England territories.


A Maine Garage

I went to Derek's garage to borrow a booster pack to start my dead truck battery.

Typical garage stuff could be found around.

Checking out 22" rims on a conversion van.

Changing the lock on the door.

Taking off, forgetting the booster pack.


Making Wicked Ice & Scones

The snow melts and at night turns to ice and makes the sidewalk wicked slick. You have to have STABLicers to walk up here in Maine.

Saturday morning I made blueberry scones. They're wicked great.


2008, Day 17

Before my friends Rich and Krista left on their way to Chicago via Niagara Falls we went to Damons to get lobster rolls.

Lobster Roll: As I described it to Rich a lobster roll is lobster meat w/ lettuce and mayo on a hot dog bun. They are really good. Weird, but really good.

One for the Road: Rich takes a picture of me before he and Krista hit the highway. He is seen here using the automobile-pod to steady his camera.

The three reasons you don't picnic in Maine this time of year. Snow, snow, snow, and freezing rain.

Walking home at night, past the place where I started the day. Having my first actual cravings for lobster rolls.

Dead River Oil Company: Dead River seems a fitting name for a local Maine oil company. It fits today's perception of the oil industry.
I sympathize with the oil sheiks. This whole 'global warming' thing is making them work overtime, and look bad. Well, making their workers work overtime, and making the U.S. look bad.
Because of 'global warming' we now have to use our air conditioners more often, plus we have to drive everywhere. The weather is always either too hot or too cold it seems.
Curse you Al Gore! You have created the Internet and Global Warming!


30-Year Hostage of Time

January 16th marks my 30th year in the captivity of the world. A hostage of time.

On the morning of the beginning of my 30th year of life I went to Mulholland House of Pancakes and got the Maine Guide Breakfast (Rainbow Trout, Eggs, Homefries, Biscuit, Beans), a side of corned beef hash, and my first cup of coffee in nearly a month.

One of the best gifts I've ever received for my birthday; One of my best friends from high school, Rich, and his girlfriend, Krista, stopped by from Chicago! We went to the Liberal Cup in Hallowell. We drank very liberally.

After the Liberal Cup we headed back to Augusta and the Bridge Street Tavern to listen to live music and dance in snow boots.


Ides of Maine (Jan. 15, 2008)

Weather Graph: Snow -On the Rise; Ice -Dropping; Cold -Steady


Another Nor'easter, Again

Plow ...

Snow ...

Campaign ...

Them Dukes ... It never stops in Maine.


Person, Place, Things

I watched the movie "Born Into This" about (Hank) Charles Bukowski.

I watched the sun burn windows on the way from home.

An apartment building and the Maine Capitol.


I Have a Great-Nephew

My new great-nephew's name is Hunter. He was born today in Florida. I now have three nieces, two nephews, two great-nieces, and a great-nephew. And three of them were born in January, like me. Wooo!


Rain in Maine, Again

The rain in Maine falls gently once again
and is mixed in a puddle with oil & salt & slush
and is thrown on your clothes by a passing logging truck

If people who buy premium gas also eat at McDonald's, does that mean they care more about their car than themselves? If people drive cars instead of walk, does that mean they care more about themselves than the future? Does our future = McDonald's?

The Angelus: A Millet painting I saw in the Salvation Army. The prayers are shooting their souls into heaven like giant florescent lights.


Tenth Day of Maine 2008

I held my own televised debate by the Salvation Army Dumpster in Augusta Maine. My opponent Barack Obama did not show up.

In the middle of this week, for the past few days, an air system has pushed all of the pollution from the northeastern U.S. over Maine. A couple days ago I could see a yellow haze. Smog? It looks like it's going away.