Fueling & Striking & Thieving in Maine

Walking up Western Ave
slowly w/ boots step
step stepping
on the ice
ice icy
sidewalk slowly
slipping past
slowly as an
oil tanker quickly
pushes past
delivers a brisk
wisping wall of
wind & heating
oil to homes

Great picture quality in tonights first run prints of the paper. 'Superb,' I said. They used a lot of ink I'm told. That made for this great night shot.
Too bad half our writers and photographers are having a byline strike. They are in the guild. I am in the Communication Workers Union. We have a contract agreement. They don't.
WW_D? I mean what would Morning Sentinel Staff photo or By Morning Sentinel staff do?

Then I see the head shot of an accused, and what the records seem to show, career embezzler, and I realize the first print comes through with way more ink than calculated.
Some things are just
obvious. How did she
get away w/ multiple
embezzling charges?
She hid the money
in her freakin' hair!

Hey YOU!
The money 's in her hair!!