Laying Traffic Line

I saw these guys laying some traffic line today. It reminded me of those initiation-like jokes people play on newcomers. When I was a bus boy at an Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh the chefs sent me to the neighboring steak house for a "veal stretcher." Of course there was no such thing. One of the favorite jokes to play on newcomers when I worked at New River Air Station was to send them to get a spool of "flight line" and "chem light bulbs." My favorite administrative piece of tomfoolery -- getting newbies to retrieve their missing "ID 10 T" form.


I went to watch football with some people at my good friends Andrew and Maris's house. They are the first people I visited of the New Year. As usual we also played darts. Then me and Andrew recorded some improvised music. We made up a song about The Bum Isaac.