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I was going to check out the Diane Arbus show at the SFMOMA today with my friend and my brother but the museum is closed on Wednesdays. Called the SFCameraWorks Gallery, they're between exhibits. I asked them to recommend a gallery and they directed me to 49 Geary St, a commune of fine arts and photography galleries. While we were there I discovered that one of the men responsible for the photographic space is Paul Sack, cousin to an idol of mine, John Sack. Also, whom I met personally while visiting John just a couple days before. Small world.

[Riding on the MUNI, there is Yusei in the reflection.]

The galleries at 49 Geary were better than I expected. And though we didn't get to see the Diane Arbus Exhibit at the MOMA, they had a few of her pieces at 49 Geary. But I like the culinary arts too so my favorite part was eating at Henry Hunan's Restaurant. The best Chinese food I've ever had, still. And I've been eating at Hunan's since I was som young guy, like 10.

[This is looking up Stockton St from Market. The tunnel is a great cityscape feature.]

After we ate at Hunan's my brother went to feed my nephew at daycare and Yusei and I went to visit John Sack. He doesn't like getting old very much, but he's doing great. He always has the best conversation and a great sense of humor. Today he gave me his definition of literary-journalism. He also explained how he became known as one of the movement's prominent figures. He told me and Yusei some interesting inside details of his book Dragon Head, a biography personally commissioned by the Godfather of the Chinese Mafia, Johnny Kon.