Eugene International Airport

Eugene: their airport is as unique as their people.

Driveway Coffee: Junction City, Ore.

Before catching a 530am flight out of Eugene my sister drove me to Junction City to photo some last drive-up coffee huts before heading back to the East Coast. Only one was opened. Up before the coffee.

Next Generation Piano Lessons

My sister used to pay for my piano lessons when I was very young. I didn't like practising and eventually quit. My nephew plays a lot better than I can, or have.

Driveway Coffee: Eugene, Ore. II

More coffee huts of Eugene. A woman at the one attached to Home Depot told me they call them "drive-ups." Coffee "hut" is a slanderous term here. Her establishment actually doesn't fit the classification of "drive-up" because it lacks the drive-up window. But she does have seating, and serves breakfast too.

Pickup Line?

My sister spotted this sign in the window of a pickup truck pulling into one of the many, many local Goodwill Stores in Eugene. Also, you can return items at the Goodwill stores here!