Genetically Modified People

Genetically Modified People, GMPs. They are everywhere. You're one of them and there's not too much you can do about it with out going through some major sacrifices.
I try to eat more from my own kitchen, or at least local kitchens and restaurants, than from vending machines and chains. I'm hoping it will make me less GMPish. Less reliant on Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs. But it's hard to buy or know you're buying organic 100 percent of the time. I'm not even sure 'organic' is as organic as it once was, considering cross-fertilization.
GMOs are not only making us weaker by providing us with less-nutrient rich, allergenic, toxic, antibiotic resistant food, but GMOs are make killers of GMPs. The three closest calls I've had in Maine with cars - nearly being run over - was not because of the icy, treacherous sidewalks (slippery catwalks along a busy logging truck trails), but because I came between vehicles carrying GMPs to get GMOs at a 'drive-thru.' Augusta Maine has a lot of driv-thrus on Western Avenue. I walk past them frequently.
Drive-thrus should be outlawed for a number of reasons, like promoting glutenous inactivity and heart disease.
Bangor Maine was the first U.S. city to outlaw smoking in a car with children under 18.
Soda and drive-thrus are the new cigarettes.