Corcoran Faculty Show

Doug Lang & Casey Smith at the Corcoran
If you missed it, it was probably your own fault. I'll try to sum it up for you though with some notes I took from both readings which may or may not be words directly from the reading:

you are your father.

nothing is enough.

"if i don't hear from you,
call me."

(casey's reduction)

california economy
nobody sleeps
everybody gathers
jewish daycare
gameshow tax
pharmaceutical business
homeless coalition
first time doing mushrooms
roommates by horoscope
shape of ginseng root
we didn't state the free

horses, family, and friends friends friends

. . .

Vegetate Opening, 1414 9th St NW
it would have also been a good idea to go to Vegetate to see a show of awesome local photographers. including Ken Ashton.