Visiting Artist

This is Shanon. She used to take classes at the Corcoran. She stopped by the school today to see her friend Arianne. A friend she hadn't talked to for a while. Arianne wasn't there so I told her I would take a picture of her saying hi to her absent friend.

Lighting Pane

If there is a reference to pain and not pane in this photo it is merely coincidental. Shanon asked me how things were going. By that I assumed she meant still spending all of my time in school at our very small campus. I was thinking that lately my life is reminding me of the movie Groundhog Day. It seems like I have Bill Murray's curse of waking up day after day in the same monotony. I never really got to answer that question before she revealed that her afro was now a wig. Surprising because it wasn't pseudo before. She said her mom thinks it is a little strange that her daughter is only 20 years old and wearing a wig. I was talking to my mom on the phone a few days ago about how I remembered her wearing wigs sometimes when I was a kid.