Kennebec River Rail Trail

I went on my first run down the Kennebec River Rail Trail today. Yesterday I just walked up and down it sunning myself reading the paper. This morning I woke up around 6 a.m. dying to try out my new 'made in Maine' New Balance 857s. They worked great. I ran to Hallowell, then down Water Street- the center of their town, and looped around Front Street back up to Augusta.
On October 6 the trail will be completed and will continue to Gardiner, a town 6.5 miles to the south. I think I am going to start running down there.
This morning when I was running looking at the river I was trying to think of something poetic. This is all I came up with, cheesy in hindsight;

"the sun peels the hills' shadow
off the Kennebec
and raises the mist
off the early morning water."